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Just over two years ago, God impressed upon Pastor Guy Bankston's heart about the need for a church in the Waiarapa region that would unashamedly preach the Word of God, and reach out to the people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  During the last two years Pastor Bankston and others from Harvest Baptist Church in Palmerston North, would come to Masterton and hold a service.  As a result of their efforts, and to the Glory of God, there is now an established Independent Baptist Church in Masterton.  

In June 2017 Pastor Jerry Judd and his wife Dawn returned to New Zealand to become Pastor of Harvest Independent Baptist Church.  Pastor Jerry and Dawn both have permanent residency in New Zealand, having been in New Zealand from 2004-2009.  During that time they worked with Pastor Bob Rutta in Dunedin at Community Baptist Church and then became Pastor at Victory Baptist Church in Ashburton. 

Our Pastor:
Jerry and Dawn Judd

Pastor and his wife

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